Frequently asked questions for designing an album with Album XS

  • How can I reorder spreads?
    Please change to grid mode (right top icon) and press Ctrl (Cmd if using a Mac) and drag to place the spread in a new location
  • Is it possible to add a new picture to a spread?
    Yes, please drag the new picture into the spread and drop it at the center on the “+” icon
  • How to delete an image?
    Select the image and press Delete
  • How to free design?
    Select one or more images and drag them with the mouse to a new location, you may resize layers by dragging from image sides or corners
  • How to resize an image?
    If you want to resize an image inside his own layer press Shift and drag, otherwise drag the layer from sides or corners (yellow lines).
  • How to move an image in his layer?
    Press Ctrl / Cmd and drag the image
  • How to add more spreads?
    New spreads are created automatically if you drag images into the black space at right of the design area, but you may also use Sheet – New or Ctrl / Cmd + N
  • Can I design all spreads at the same time?
    Yes, change to grid mode and drag images from the bottom list into the spreads, add new spreads with Ctrl / Cmd+N.
  • Is it possible to swap a picture with another, even if in different spreads?
    While in grid mode click at a picture and drag it to another spread, the target picture will swap with the origin one. This is also valid for pictures in the same spread.
  • How to edit a spread while in grid mode?
    Double click at a spread in grid mode to return to single mode and edit this spread.
  • What is 3:2 mode?
    By activating this mode only layouts which preserve the 3:2 aspect ratio of images are available, also it is only possible to resize layers on both sides (width and height) at same time to preserve the aspect ratio.